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Meet Our Music Planet Radio Co-Sponsor of the Month: Vibrant Health!

By healthybyn66325131, Dec 1 2016 07:10PM

Discounts, Samples and a $100 Value Give Away!

This month Healthy By Nature is featuring Vibrant Health products including a 20% discount and in store samplings.

Healthy By Nature is also giving away a gift basket of Vibrant products. Just go into the store to sign up for the $100 value drawing on December 31st. Makes a great gift for the holidays and an even better way to start a healthy new year.

Vibrant Health is a brand for those seeking, well… vibrant health. Our promise is to design and market the most nutritionally valuable food supplements we can for the benefit of all men, women, children and pets. Delivering on that promise is a serious endeavor, and we work diligently toward that end for you.

Vibrant Health’s products provide supplemental nutrition that support human biochemistry. The human body carries an infinite wisdom that guides it toward optimal health in response to appropriate dietary improvements. Steady decline in the trace nutrient value of our fresh foods — as evidenced in the U.S.

Department of Agriculture’s analysis of our food supply — has, in the opinion of Vibrant Health, established a mandate for supplemental nutrition. We believe supplemental nutrition is no longer an option, it is instead a necessity if one hopes to achieve robust and vibrant health.


A general health and nutrition supplement which provides cellular support and may result in increased energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, and more robust immunity. With over 70 ingredients, Green Vibrance provides 25 billion probiotics, enzymes, fruits & vegetables, liver support, vitamins, trace minerals, skeletal support, and adaptogens to help the body adapt to and manage effects of stress. It is the green food that started the category, superfoods, in 1992.


Known as s Futurefood, Maximum Vibrance contains over 100 ingredients that provide all the benefits of a green superfood, high antioxidant fruits and vegetables, plant protein, and an organic plant-based multi-vitamin.


Products inspired by Latino flavors & ingredients and backed by the most up-to-date science. Jugo Verde, a powerful nopal cactus and chlorophyll rich greens drink for detox and revitalization. Buen Dia, a protein breakfast smoothie, providing superior nutrition, supporting weight management and everything needed to start your day the healthy way.

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